Stratosphere is designed for all ages and jumping abilities, and we want to make sure everyone jumps safe. Flips and other tricks can be very dangerous, please perform them at your own risk. DO NOT attempt any activity, flip or trick that exceeds your skill level and jumping ability. Our trained Stratosphere staff help ensure that ALL rules and regulations are followed and jumpers are not putting themselves or other jumpers at risk.


 In order to prevent injury, we kindly ask our jumpers to adhere to the rules below.


  • Wear Stratosphere grip socks to prevent slipping.

  • Maintain one person per trampoline square.

  • Walk while entering and exiting the trampolines.

  • Empty all loose objects from your pockets. This includes keys, cell phone, camera, etc.

  • Perform tricks at your own risk

  • Be aware of those jumping around you.

  • Listen to the safety monitors and dodgeball referees.

  • Stay in the center of the trampoline while jumping to avoid hitting the frame and safety pad.


  • Land on your head or neck.

  • Double flip. Double flips are prohibited.

  • Double bounce or affect another jumper's bounce in any way.

  • Run on the trampolines or on the platforms.

  • Sit or lay down on the trampolines. If you need to rest, you must exit the trampolines.

  • Attempt any trick or activity above of your skill level and ability.  

  • Jump under the influence of drugs or alcohol.