• The purpose of our league is for your child to have fun while exercising and to be part of an overall positive athletic team experience.

  • We encourage honesty, sportsmanship and fairness.

  • We do encourage and rely on team players to be honest and posses good sportsmanship so that equal and fair play is a part of each league.

  • This game involves referees watching 12 players throwing 6 balls in opposite directions.  Our referees do their best to fairly and accurately make split second simultaneous calls often on opposite sides of the court.

  • As with any sport, both professional and amateur, there will be times when a call will be missed or someone else will have a different perspective. Game play is to be honest, fun and friendly while providing an athletic team experience.



  • Register as an individual or request to be with your friends.

  • Requesting to be on a team is not considered a complete registration.

  • Requesting to be on a team is not guaranteed; all players of that team must complete their registration.

  • Team member requests are done on a first come first serve basis.  Requests are not considered registration.

  • This is a league, so all available space on a team will be filled with individual registrations. 

  • A team may consist of no more than 8 players, unless unique extenuating circumstances exist.

  • There is a maximum of 6 players on the court at a time; however sometimes game play will consist of fewer than 6 players (extra players are rotated in).

  • Leagues will be limited to 6 teams on a first come first serve basis.


Registration & Payment:

  • Completing the Registration Form (agreeing to the Parent/Athlete Code of Conduct and the Terms of Service) + online payment = Registration

  • Having played in the prior league is NOT considered an "automatic registration" in the next league.  We do not assume who will be playing in an upcoming league and will not automatically bill you for registration.  You must enroll and pay for each session separately.

  • Having played in prior leagues does not move you to the front of the list.

  • Registration is NOT complete until payment has been made. 

  • Sessions sell out fast so we encourage early registration.

  • Payment must be done online.  This is to ensure first come first serve accountability and tracks availability via software.



  • Every player must have a wristband.  Safety Monitors use this to know who is competing in the league and who has purchased a jump ticket.

  • Stratosphere grip socks are required. $2.50

  • Stratosphere Grip Socks can be used over and over again.  Just show them at the counter at check-in and jump on in for a great time!

  • There are no refunds if you miss a league night. 

  • All session, services and policies are subject to change without notice and at the discretion of Stratosphere Trampoline Park.

  • Questions: Please call 443-537-2626 or email

Steps to Register:

  1. Complete the Registration Form by clicking the button below.

  2. At the bottom of the Registration Form, click "Pay Now" to continue to online payment. Payment finalizes your registration. You will receive an email confirming your registration was received.